Fantage rocks!

… and you know it! It’s the summer now and it’s time for the audition forms to start coming in! Please enter my short show thing because it’s gonna be super fun! Find me on live journal, facebook, yola, weebly, club p, hotmail, and hi5!!! Contact me mainly on wordpress if you’d like to sign up though. Thanks!!!!! Share this site with your friends!!!! Just send this message to your friends and spread the news about it. Send this site:  to your friends. Oh here’s a picture of me (my hand and the back of my head, I refuse to show my face)

Split identity

Listen… don’t tell anyone but I have a split identity on fantage. I’m really in true life a girl, but I have 1 girl account on fantage (lenny4673) and 1 boy account (tacozrcool13) SHH… dont tell anyone bcuz I randomly act like a real guy on tacozrcool and act like a girl on lenny4673. So don’t tell it’s really fun tricking ppl like that, im srry, it just is. OMG I AM SO BROKE ON THIS ACCOUNT LOOK! I HAVE 16 STARS! TACOZRCOOL13 (ME) IS BROKE!


Hello I havent been on in a while, but ima be getting on alot during the summer. Sign up for the short show-i-ness (made up that word) and if it’s your birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This post is totally random, super, superman, super,superman, flying down to meet me from superland! -Superman by: Toybox (I think) Well enjoy your summer on fantage bcuz my short shows will be awesome, I guess I haven’t really thought much of it over yet. So you get the point, I’m not prepared for it but still they have got to be awesome.

Short Show productions

Oh hey! I just have some announcements about the short show thing . Bring your friends and suggest my blog and bring your pd on fantage! (By the way a pd is a prom date.) I hope many audition because the short shows are gonna be awesome! I forgot to tell you that we need a co-director, producer, choreographer, and a….. wait let me think I think we might need understudies for all the characters or at least the important ones. Oh yeah and you should do veggie and fruit battle on fantage its fun! Hope to see many audition! -lenny4673

Apologies and announcements…..

Hi! Just wanted to say hey and I have some announcements. Wait is that how you even spell announcements? Nevermind… Well sorry I haven’t been on in a while and I haven’t been on fantage in a while either so I had nothing to post. I also have a new short show thing on fantage. If you are interested post your name, age, Gender, Name on fantage and meet me on Lavender Lion if it’s not full. Otherwise I’ll let you know. The auditions and practices will be held at my place anytime during the Summer and I will post when I’m getting on fantage. When you want to audition during the summer let me know if there’s a certain date or time you need to audition. Think of a talent and a song and be ready for questions. The day for your auditions go to the following servers at the end of this post and go to downtown. When you find me (my name is lenny4673) tell me you’re there for auditions and come to my house but tell me first. Here is the roles for the first 2 shows:

Lena the turkey killing Mom,      James the boy who always asks questions about crayons,      Jonah the forgetful Dad/ Police,    Goldilocks the Little sister that’s allergic to air and if she breathes air she has to take an inhaler with extra air in it,    THAT’S   THE ROLES FOR THE FIRST SHORT SHOW: THE WERIDO FAMILY (LITERALLY THEIR LAST NAME)


Waldo the Leprechaun,   Waldilocks the Leprechaun who is Waldo’s wife,   Mr. Mushroom (a party guest who is a mushroom),    Ms. Watermelon (another party guest) ,   We need 3 other minor party guests who each have 1  speaking line,   Talking birthday cake,    The man with a yellow hat from Curious George


Available Servers to meet me at:

Lavender Lion (try this one first) , Copper Camel, Lava Gerbil, Lime Llama, Gray Owl, Amber Antelope, and Indigo Fox. Every week I will post which server I will check for the week. (I will consult you if an indivisual day is a  different  server due to Fullness of the servers.) Hehe I dont know why I am using fancy words. Thank you for participating!

Here’s my picture of me in my mom suit :

My Mom Suit

My other account

Oh Ineed to tell ya I have 2 accounts. I’ve already introduced you to lenny4673. I have another one who is a boy named tacozrcool13. I usually wear the green sweater and I forget which pants. I got blonde hair and I think I have a pd. I made this one for fun to play a prank on my sis on fantage. XD So look for me and I will add you if you read my blog.


Heyy it’s lenny4673

I was wondering if you need a pd, friend, mom, dad, or daughter. If you do I’d be happy to help because I have 2 accounts. One is a boy, one is a girl. But i’m a girl really. 🙂 So just tell me whatyour fantage name is and if you want me to meet you on a specific server. Also tell me if you need a friend, pd, mom, dad or whatever. Tell your fantage gender and other info. Glad to help!!!!! See ya on fantage peeps….

Attention Reporters

Attention all reporters on fantage! If you are a member I want to see your photo albums to rate. Send me a picture of any of your photo album pages and I will rate it. The worst is 1 star if the picture isn’t really that good. The best is 5 stars if it’s like a really good, funny or professional pic. Can’t wait to see them!

Rare items

I just got all the rare items on fantage! You can get these by earning gems with games. You can get a rare item with 3 gems. Any gems, unless you aren’t a premium member, then you can’t use diamonds. You get gems for playing bubble bug, wizard pop, staries and something else I think.

Me on fantage

Hi i’m xoxneon. Or you can call me lenny4673 on fantage. If you want to add me on fanome things abtage I can tell you about my member lenny4673. I usually wear the pink dress and the brown ponytail. My favorite board to use is the rare bumble bee board. You can get one with 3 gems. I have a free smiley moodie and my house is normal with just a green chair and balloons. I am not a premium member and I have about 75 coins.  I have a full page of stickers and remember my name is l-e-n-n-y-4-6-7-3.

This is me!

Hi i'm lenny4673!